Where are we located ?

Poitiers :

Elementary School-Middle School-High School Union-Chrétienne in close proximity to the Motherhouse :

In Poitiers, the school offers a boarding option for students from CM1 (9-10 years old) to the final year in high school.

The middle school has two different campuses for boys and girls according to the teaching methods adapted to each gender. Classical languages and cultures as well as foreign languages and cultures are enhanced by exchanges with our schools St Chaumond in Madrid and Notre Dame Academy in California. The three establishments, although different, participate in liturgical celebrations together, which unites each one of them to the large Union-Chrétienne family.

See : www.union-chretienne-poitiers.fr

Ecole Sainte Marie

Sainte Marie has 200 students and goes from preschool to CE2 (8-9 year olds). Located in the historical center of Poitiers, the students generally continue their elementary and middle school education at Union-Chrétienne a few hundred yards from the school. The fundamental skills are taught with rigor and in a family-oriented environment which thus allows the children to build a solid future.

See : www.ecolesaintemariepoitiers.fr


Located in a spacious area 25 miles from Paris, the Institution Sainte Jeanne d’Arc in Beaumont-sur-Oise is a private Catholic school under contract with the State. The sisters of Union-Chrétienne de St Chaumond ensure their supervision of the school’s management.

A dynamic and unified faculty provides religious, intellectual, human, and social instruction of the children and young people that are entrusted to them from preschool to 3ème (13-14 year olds), some of which who sleep in the dormitories.

See : www.jeannedarcbeaumont.fr


The Institution Notre-Dame de Romorantin is located in the heart of the Sologne region and includes an elementary school of 250 students and a middle school with 3 classes per grade level. The pleasant setting of the buildings and greenery allows the students to calmly benefit from the teaching by a dynamic teaching staff mindful of the personal development of each student. Projects are put into place each year to ensure that the students provide a real contribution to their learning and participate in the family environment of the establishment.

See : www.ndromo41.fr


Union-Chrétienne de Saint Chaumond de Madrid is a French all-girls private Catholic school accredited by the French and Spanish governments and run by the sisters of Union-Chrétienne de Saint Chaumond.

The young girls, from preschool to the final year in high school, receive a completely bilingual education which allows them to flourish and acquire knowledge of the French culture and school system whilst still being immersed in Spanish culture.
The main objectives are Catholic education, language learning, and expanding horizons internationally.

See : www.saintchaumond.es


The Villava establishment has two early childhood classes from 18 months to 3 years old. The sisters also host numerous students for the purpose of learning the French language.

The cultural site of Navarre and the possibility of group accommodation in the school allows for yearly visits from the CM2 (10-11 year olds) from our different French schools for a week filled with instruction and memories!

The sisters also host groups on the weekends for workshops or retreats.

San Diego, California

Notre Dame Academy is a private Roman Catholic elementary school run by the Sisters of Union-Chrétienne de Saint Chaumond, working under the umbrella of the Diocese of San Diego according to American norms.

The establishment is directly linked to the St Therese of Carmel parish, which offers numerous facilities to develop the Christian lifestyle of the young people entrusted to us.

The students are enrolled from preschool to 8th grade (from 2 to 14 years old) and receive a solid education up to date with new technologies and particularly oriented towards Spanish (due to its proximity to Mexico) and French. Linguistic exchanges are offered between middle-schoolers and the high school students from Poitiers.

See : Notre Dame Academy, San Diego