Daily Life

On a daily basis, our spirituality is rooted in:

1. Our community and personal prayer life

“The first and primary obligation of all religious is the contemplation of divine realities and union with God in prayer.”

(Canon 663)

This “fountain of living water” from which we draw strength and joy leads us to give fully of ourselves which in turn bears fruit in our apostolate.

Each day is marked by the ringing of the bell calling us to prayer: daily mass, the divine office, silent prayer, rosary, spiritual reading, times of silence. Times of retreat allow us to revitalize our spiritual life.

2. Our community life

St Vincent de Paul urges the sisters to “remain united to Jesus Christ and to one another through the inseparable bond of fraternal love.”

We live out together the times of prayer, community work, and recreation. The celebration of Christmas and the summer vacation are special times in which all the sisters come together at the motherhouse, which is a source of joy and reassurance for each one of them and reinforces the bonds of their union.

3. Our apostolic life

Striving to “imitate Christ who did not come to be served but to serve,” all the sisters, regardless of their specific duties within the community, take part in the education of the youth that the Lord has entrusted to them.

We obtain the necessary diplomas and training to teach school subjects and share various indispensable management and maintenance tasks, all working towards the same goal in a spirit of joy and fraternal harmony for the glory of God.