We are happy to welcome you to the Congregation of Union-Chrétienne de Saint Chaumond in Poitiers. As a sister awaits you, opening the large wooden door to let you into the cloister, you will notice a white fountain in the center. Perhaps you will hear the flow of running water from the fountain, the singing of the birds, and the chiming bells calling the sisters to the chapel for community prayer. The chanting of the divine office that regulates the sister’s day is an invitation for all to immerse themselves in God.

If you walk a little farther down you will hear a different melody: the laughter of children at play! Sisters accompaning them or participating in their games.
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“The spirit of the institute is that of charity, based on the love of God and of neighbor in the imitation of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Motto: “May the Lord turn your hearts towards the love of God and the perseverance of Christ.”

Union with Jesus Christ is the source of union between the sisters. In return, the testimony of charity between the sisters themselves and with the youth under their care is the best way to bear witness to the Lord, manifesting their love for Him.