Our Mission of Education

The sisters’ mission is to deepen God’s love in the souls of the children and young people that are entrusted to them. Through the education and the instruction of youth, they seek, with the grace of God, to build the foundation for stable, happy Christian adults, capable of bearing witness to Gospel values wherever they are called to live and work. The sisters run elementary, middle, and high schools, boarding schools, orphanages, and nursery schools in countries with different cultures (France, Spain, and the United States). In their teaching, they attend to the human and spiritual development of their students and propose times of prayer as well as opportunities to deepen their faith (prayer groups, retreats, participation in World Youth Day, times of reflection, testimonies, praise and worship evenings, adoration, helping others in difficult life situations, creative community service projects).

Some sisters have a teaching background from preschool to high school, whilst others participate in the mission of education through their specific talents (sewing, cooking, gardening, child supervision, taking care of the dormitories, personal hygiene and grooming care, attention to cleaning and order, meal service in the dining halls, bursary, porter, IT, administration, nursing…) They see and serve Christ in all the people they are called to serve and work with on a daily basis in a spirit of joy and receptiveness.